Thales has comprehensive global experience in over 50 countries and that has enabled us to help you choose the best-suited SLAs for your organisation. We offer an inclusive package of services and solutions with guaranteed, measurable results for a fixed yearly price. The SLAs we plan for you will account for your usage patterns and your budget. You can choose one-year or multi-year SLAs either directly after product-acceptance, or at the end of the initial warranty period.



Our dedicated 24/7 hotline for email and telephone enquiries offers guaranteed call-back times and detailed ticket-tracking. Our expert support staff will promptly provide you with technical support, fault diagnostics across secure connections, and assistance for all your operational needs. They also help you plan your future support needs by regularly reviewing KPIs.



Our maintenance service approach is all encompassing – we offer guaranteed turnaround times, systematic obsolescence tracking, scheduled annual deliveries of consumables, annual onsite inspection and preventive maintenance visits. Additionally, we strive to ensure minimal operational disruption for you by sending you replacements products within a few days of an incident.



Your SLA agreement with Thales is designed to provide long-term visibility and maximise fleet availability for a fixed yearly price. It covers regular training programmes and yearly software upgrades. Thales's SmartFleet online fleet management solution helps you plan and record your maintenance operations, prepare your missions, monitor health and usage statistics and automatically generate reports and KPIs for every optronic product in your fleet.



The Thales SmartFleet solution is an advanced predictive support tool aimed at taking maintenance optimisation to a whole new level. Using a combination of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, Big data technologies and patented algorithms, it optimises equipment selection ensuring reduced failure risk and higher availability. It is suitable for all optronic equipment and is hosted on secure Thales servers. It comes with an intuitive interface that displays operational and usage statistics.

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