Keeping your optronic systems in top condition is our n°1 priority. Using our varied range of services – factory services, onsite assistance, operational services and lifecycle services, Thales is ever ready to provide tou with the support you need, at any moment you need it!



To make sure your operational needs are met, we meticulously calculate the level and location of the spares you need and recommend tools and training you need to do your own maintenance. Alternatively, our technical experts are happy to provide reliable diagnostic and repair services at your facilities that promise maximum equipment performance.



Our highly-trained Thales engineers carrying a full set of high-tech tools will travel to your site at a moment's notice to diagnose and solve any issue. We also offer the possibility of renting out

mobile workbenches (including a mobile clean room ISO 7) so that your trained teams can perform complex maintenance tasks.




The quality of Thales's training services is recognised by armed forces globally. We offer a full programme of customised new-user training, refresher courses and continuous learning dedicated towards land optronic equipment.



o ensure your optronic equipment is performing at its best, Thales will ensure the latest software releases are systemically planned and help you plan the best upgrade paths for your equipment.




Our obsolescence management service is designed keeping in mind utility maximization of your equipment. The service will help you plan ahead and choose the best migration path for your fleet.




Why let valuable systems go to waste? Thales believes that underutilized optronic equipment can be dismantled and refurbished to obtain maximum value from critical components in the systems. Our professional dismantling and recycling guarantees that your data remains confidential, while also freeing up storage space to save costs and reducing your environmental footprint.



Onsite thermal imagers need immediate assistance? Thales can provide you with the necessary mobile workbenches (including a mobile ISO 7 clean room) for all your maintenance and repair requirements including I² changes, helium refills for cooling units and getter activation.


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